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The Well-Vu Team

Our History and Team

The industry leader in high performance Downhole Viewing Systems

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About the Well-Vu Team

The Well-Vu product was introduced in 1997 and entered the market as the first low-cost high performance Downhole Viewing system. Our factory is located in Brainerd MN, where we do all manufacturing, design and service. Our sales manager is located in Montana.

To this day, Well Vu continues to be the leader in price and performance when it comes to down hole viewing. We offer cameras in cable lengths of 300 feet all the way up to 1,500 feet with both Hand-crank and Motorized reel options.

Because of our modularized camera head options we can do custom builds in a week turn around. Our custom pressure test tank allows us to test cameras for leak up to 2000 feet of submergence. Our quality and rigorous testing allow us to offer a 24 month warranty on new Camera systems.

Ray Roerick, National Sales Manager

After serving 8 years in the Air Force, I decided to enter the water well industry in 1975. By the mid 80’s, I had drilled over 4000 wells, and moved on to a manufactures representative with such lines as State pressure tanks, Fairbanks Morse pumps, Midwest Well Products and other water related lines. From there I started a very successful water well wholesale house in Plymouth, MN before moving to MT.

Over the years I have always wanted to own but had to rent a lot of cameras due to their huge expense. After seeing an Aqua-Vu fishing camera on the shelf that had a better quality picture than I got on the $1500 a day camera trailer that I hired, I met with the designer and inventor of the Aqua-Vu, Jeff Zernov, to come up with a high quality camera at a budget price for the average contractor.

We have modeled the Well-Vu Company and products after the highest standards expected but seldom obtained by others. Instead of a menu of items, we put together complete packages as a “Good”, “Better” and “Best” because most contractors who have never purchased a camera do not know what’s available.

Lastly, the water industry is a service industry and as all professional service people in it, I put my cell phone number on our literature and website along with answering calls 7 days a week.

Ray Roerick
Phone: 406-853-7867

JP Zernov, President Vision Systems Unlimited (Well-Vu)

I was actively involved with my father in the design and development in the Aqua-Vu product line. After graduating from the University of Minnesota, Duluth, with a business degree, I joined Nature Vision as director of IT and wore a lot of hats including Industrial sales and customer service.

I bought the Industrial Product line from Nature Vision in 2009. We continue to structure our company centered on customer service, delivering the best products, price and service in the camera industry.

JP Zernov
211 NW 4th Street
Brainerd, MN 56401

Product Manuals

DVCC7 Manual

This manual covers the Well-Vu 7" Digital Video Command Console

Download Manual
DVCC15 Manual

This manual covers the Well-Vu 15" Digital Video Command Console

Download Manual
Setup & Use of Camera System

Encoder assembly, connecting remote pendant and setup of the SDM Series

Download Manual